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Your premier wholesale rock supplier in the Pittsburgh region. 

Wholesale Glacier, Mossy Rocks and Stones by C&W Works. 

Wholesale Glacier Boulders & Mossy Rocks for Sale

Choose rocks from 2 pounds to 2 tons! 

Various sizes, styles & shapes. Perfect material for rockwalls, terraced gardens, landings, and all other types of sustainable landscaping. 

We sell by the rock or the truck load. Hauling capacity of 20+ tons. 

 Delivery, installation, and design services available

About C&W Works


What We Do

C&W Works provides the greater Pittsburgh area with wholesale glacier boulders and rocks, rock walls, terraced gardens, retaining walls, sustainable landscaping, waterproofing, and more. Want to learn more about our residential offers and recent projects? Visit


Working Together

C&W Works makes it simple. Delivery, installation and design services available. We have the capabilities to haul up to 20 tons and can deliver in any quantities you need. Our capacity and expertise makes it easy for you to get your job done.   


Why Choose Us?

With over 12 years experience serving the greater Pittsburgh region, we know what Pittsburgh wants. We source our rmaterials from a private quarry in Pennsylvania to cut out the middle man and provide you with the best prices possible. 

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Wholesale Glacial Rocks and Stones by C&W Works

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